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Wellington sticks the boot in – a blog by Philip King FCICM

14 September 2017 I was fascinated by a report earlier in the week quoting comments from Sir Anthony Seldon who was formerly headmaster of Wellington College, and is writing a book titled The Fourth Revolution. Sir Anthony predicts that the imminent arrival of robot teachers will herald the greatest revolution in education since the printing […]

Playing the game – a blog by Philip King FCICM

31 August 2017 At the beginning of this week we enjoyed the hottest August Bank Holiday ever, and the whole weekend was magnificent. At least it was for me, and I confess to being selfish enough not to pay too much attention to the weather in other parts of the country. We cooked breakfasts and […]

Road to nowhere – a blog by Philip King FCICM

24 August 2017 A couple of weeks before my holiday, which is now consigned to history but was an excellent break in Devon & Cornwall, I wrote about the warning signs emerging in the car finance market. The blog was entitled ‘Car crash waiting to happen’ and can be seen here. The story was linked […]

Building cashflow on firmer foundations – a blog by Philip King FCICM

20 July 2017 There has been much recent press talk of the need for Carillion to repair its balance sheet and, earlier this week, it brought in consultants from EY to assist with a review of its finances. After announcing a strategic review last week, the group said on Monday that the board had identified […]

Car crash waiting to happen? – a blog by Philip King FCICM

13 July 2017 A couple of weeks ago, The Times highlighted the concerns of the Bank of England that the rapid growth of consumer credit could start to pose a risk to financial stability. The growth of consumer credit reached 10.3% in May compared with a year earlier; this level of growth had not been […]

Nudge nudge – a blog by Philip King FCICM

29 June 2017 Credit Management magazine is hitting doorsteps this week and it’s the usual great read with useful and topical information for credit professionals everywhere. Thanks are due to Sean Feast, Andrew Morris, Alex Simmons and the rest of the team who regularly produce a magazine with such great content and which continues to […]

Perception can be changed by the facts – a blog by Philip King FCICM

22 June 2017 I spent two days in London this week, when the temperature was at its hottest, and had a couple of particularly interesting meetings on Tuesday. My first was with the Business Information Providers Association (BIPA) to share insights, news and views of latest events impacting the credit reference agencies (CRAs) and their […]

Looking beyond the numbers – a blog by Philip King FCICM

7 June 2017 I was pleased to attend the Purchase to Pay Network Annual Summit in London on Monday. Ellen Leith, who organised the event superbly, had asked me to speak about current and future prompt payment initiatives by government and others, and I enjoyed presenting to an engaged audience. The attendees were predominantly senior […]

A glimmer of light in a dark place – a blog by Philip King FCICM

24 May 2017 My family frequently remind me, with more than a little amusement, of the concerts I attended with my daughter, Katy, and friends as she was growing up. Craig David and Peter Andre number amongst them and I’m the butt of many jokes as a result. The atrocity on Monday this week at […]

What you see is what you get? – a blog by Philip King FCICM

18 May 2017 James Hurley, Enterprise Editor of The Times, is a frequent commentator on crowd-funding and the risks associated with it. We swap notes occasionally, and I’ve been outspoken in arguing that too many investors are putting hard-earned money into ventures about which they know very little. Our own Credit Management magazine has covered […]