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Rehab Recovery is an organisation that provides addiction treatment and healthcare advice for a wide range of of different addiction and dependency problems. We offer a high quality advice and referral service that matches our clients to the right variety of treatment which will solve their problems and let them get on with their normal lives free of the burden of addiction.

Rehab Recovery offers free support and help to students and other young people who suffer with alcohol and drug addiction, as well as free telephone assistance, and also maintains useful resources and guides on its website.
Helpline: T: +44 (0)800 088 66 86, 24 hours a day

ADT Healthcare
 are an international addiction treatment provider offering  a free, unbiased guidance service for people looking for treatment for all types of addiction and related mental health issues. We help both addicts and their families and loved ones of all ages to deal with with addiction and the consequential effects, offering services for all budget and locations.

Rehab 4 Alcoholism
 is an advisory and referral service for people who suffer from alcohol addiction. Rehab 4 Alcoholism works closely with rehabilitation centres and outpatient clinics throughout the United Kingdom and the admissions team match patients’ addiction with an appropriately placed rehabilitation centre.

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