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Which level of membership should I apply for/what are the criteria for membership?

There are three levels of CICM Professional Membership.  You can see a brief overview of the levels here and criteria pages; we would recommend that you take time to review the full criteria (Mandatory and Additional Requirements) and see which level fits your current and previous roles.

Associate/ACICM membership recognises credit management and collections professionals who hold a CICM Level 3 Diploma in Credit Management, or who demonstrate excellence by supporting the delivery of credit management processes.  This is an advanced operational level recognition.

Member/MCICM status recognises credit management professionals who hold a CICM Level 5 Diploma, or who deliver organisational performance by developing and managing the full credit management cycle.  This is senior/management level recognition.

Fellow/FCICM status recognises a select group of senior credit management and collections professionals who are profession leaders. As a Fellow of the CICM you will be committed to promoting and sharing the highest credit management and collections standards. This is leadership level recognition

You will find useful questions to help you decide which level of membership to apply for here.