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AB Agri break four-time CICMQ accreditation landmark

AB Agri, one of the first businesses to achieve the CICMQ accolade, has broken the four-time landmark with its most recent re-accreditation.

The agricultural division of Associated British Foods has a 10-strong credit team based in Peterborough, which has, as Group Credit Manager Frank Anderson FCICM put it, become ‘internationalised’.

“The company has been running an acquisition strategy over the last year, and to support this we have added bilingual credit controllers and continue to cross-train the existing team,” he explains.

“We went through a major structural change in 2009, and we have used the CICMQ process to internally benchmark our processes every other year,” Frank continues.

“Rather than looking back at ‘the old days’ with rose-tinted spectacles, we maintain a forward looking and thinking team that has achieved, and continues to achieve, great success.”