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Amey achieve first-time CICMQ accreditation

Publically-listed Amey is now ‘placed in the bracket of best-in-class’ after achieving first-time CICMQ accreditation, according to its former Head of Credit, Matthew Mitchell.

Opting for the CICMQ workshop approach, Amey commenced the process in November 2014 with a detailed plan of actions, and was awarded accreditation at the end of 2015.

“CICMQ ensures we are placed in the bracket of best-in-class when looking at our credit management function,” Matthew says. “Now we have achieved the accreditation we are aiming to work even more closely with every part of the organisation.”

Amey offers public and regulated services in sectors that include utilities, highways, waste management, rail, justice solutions, social housing and facilities management and more. As such, it is one of the most diverse companies in the UK.