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Ascent Performance Group awarded CICMQ accolade

FOLLOWING its acquisition of the commercial debt recovery division of P&A Receivables, the Chief Compliance Officer at Ascent Performance Group (Commercial), Glen Walker, was looking for a well-suited accreditation that would help to blend the new and existing business activities together.

The selected accreditation was CICMQ, and following its assessment the Assessor’s report complemented the firm as ‘best practice’, awarding it the accolade. Ascent Performance provides financial management and debt recovery solutions and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Irwin Mitchell Holdings.

“The accreditation is a clear statement that our company is meeting an industry recognised standard and that we take a proactive approach to our solutions,” Glen says. This ‘proactive approach’ was evident to the CICMQ Assessor, who picked out the firm’s emphasis on compliance: ‘The documentation, policies, processes, audit monitoring and plans can be singled out for particular recognition. ‘Measurement of the collections operation is clear, and client feedback on performance and the service the business provides is excellent,’ the report went onto say.

The CICMQ process, Glen adds, was rigorous: “We had a change in the person responsible for the accreditation which meant that it was a bit delayed,” he says, “However, we were able to take advantage of this delay and ensure that we used the time to progress all areas to be the best they could possibly be. “This included the development of a more robust credit policy that better guides our credit control team in managing aged debt,” he says. “The process has proven highly worthwhile in helping us to benchmark our activities against other credit control practices across the wider industries represented by the CICM.”