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What are the benefits of our organisation becoming CICMQ accredited?

CICMQ accreditation brings recognition for your company and department from your peers in the credit profession.

Other benefits include improved terms on Credit Insurance, improved awareness of Credit Management within your company, improved staff development and on-going performance improvement.

One of the greatest benefits of CICMQ is the ‘CICM Best Practice Network’ where organisations share knowledge and best practice about all aspects of credit management.

Full list of Benefits in the CICMQ 2018 package:-

  • Membership of the CICM Best Practice Network for best practice sharing, networking and learning & development
  • CICMQ Self Assessment Questionnaire to help you understand your readiness for CICMQ
  • 1 half day CICMQ Discovery with a summary gap analysis
  • 1 full day CICMQ Assessment with full CICMQ Assessment Report
  • 3 free 1 year Affiliate Memberships for new members
  • Discounted 1 year membership for 3 or more additional new members
  • 1 full day CICMQ Mid Term Review after 18 months
  • CICM Learning Partnership to assist in planning your team’s professional training & development
  • Priority invitation to attend the CICM Best Practice Events (3 events planned for 2018)
  • Access to the CICMQ Members Library containing over 50 presentations & articles from CICMQ organisations
  • CICMQ Best Practice Scorecard scoring your organisation against the CICM Criteria and ‘CICMQ Best in Class

For further information on CICMQ click here.