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CICM Benevolent Fund

The CICM Benevolent Fund was established in 1994 to assist members or former members of the Institute, or their dependents, who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.  The Fund has been used to assist members of the Institute in various ways.  It has:

  • financed the purchase of a mobility scooter for a disabled member
  • helped finance the studies of the daughter of a member who became unexpectedly ill
  • financed the purchase of computer equipment to assist an unemployed member set up a business
  • contributed towards the purchase of an orthopedic bed for one member whose condition was thereby greatly eased
  • helped with payment for a drug, not available on the NHS, for medical treatment of another member.

Any member, or former member, finding themselves in difficult circumstances and requiring financial assistance, should complete this form.

The CICM Benevolent Fund is here to support members of the CICM in times of need.

During the current period of challenge and uncertainty, any member requiring financial help in order to retain their membership can simply complete and submit this application form.
Your application will then be reviewed by the CICM Benevolent Fund committee and you will be advised of their decision as quickly as possible.