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Credit and Collections

Business Communications and Personal Skills


Build your effectiveness and results at work with this programme designed especially for credit and collections professionals.

Who is it for?

The training is designed for credit and collections apprentices and anyone wanting to build effective business communications and personal skills.

What will you gain?

  • Knowledge about best practice communications and personal skills.
  • An opportunity to reflect on your own skills and practice new techniques.
  • Improved ability to build productive relationships, achieve targets and embrace change.
  • Post course assignment if you’re interested in time management, conflict resolution, embracing change, getting qualified.

What will it cover?

  • Good practice for different forms of communication
  • Behaviours which build productive relationships with colleagues and customers
  • Effective personal skills: time management, conflict resolution, embracing change.
  • Self evaluation and personal goal setting.

Training Options


Duration: One day

Delivery: At your offices

Timing: At your convenience

Tailored: Programme delivery can be tailored to meet your particular requirements

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Delivery is evaluated and an analysis is provided to support CPD.

A select number of CICM training programmes can be tailored to support CICM assignments.


“Thoroughly enjoyed this programme which I am confident will transform my results.
Credit Controller, Housing Association”

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