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Bailiff statistics don’t add up – guest blog by Russell Hamblin-Boone, Chief Executive of the Civil Enforcement Association, with introduction from Philip King FCICM

15 November 2018 On Tuesday, Citizens Advice published a report ‘A law unto themselves: How bailiffs are breaking the rules.’ The report covers some good ground but my issue is with the headline that accompanied its release: “one person every minute experiences a bailiff breaking the rules.” I’m neither a statistician nor a journalist but […]

No-one likes a queue barger – guest blog by Emma Lovell, Chief Executive of R3, with introduction from Philip King FCICM

01 November 2018 Better brains than mine usually comment on the intricacies and complexities of budgets, and there are few better brains than those belonging to the Chief Executive of R3, Emma Lovell. She has highlighted the Chancellor’s intention to give HMRC preferred status in company insolvencies, a move that will partially reverse legislation introduced in 2002. […]

Uncertainty is the only certainty – by Philip King FCICM

18 October 2018 In the course of some recent housekeeping at CICM Headquarters, on Monday I was looking through a box of old photographs. Many of these date back to the early 90s and feature names like Greig, Cork, Granville-White, Adams, Robinson, Mudge, Freedman, amongst many others. Some I’ve had the privilege of meeting over […]

Double Trouble! – by Philip King FCICM

04 October 2018 I crave your indulgence for this blog which is, unusually for me, a very personal one. I received a call on Thursday 6 September to say my eldest son’s wife was in hospital having given birth to twin boys at 31 weeks after one of the babies went into fetal distress necessitating […]

Navigating through the Brexit storm – by Philip King FCICM

13 September 2018 Someone asked me recently how the CICM could be truly representative of its membership when there was such a diversity of views on Brexit, and members would have different standpoints. I’m not prone to disagreeing with people forcefully but, on this occasion, I did. Firstly, as a professional membership body, it’s not […]

Being Quality Street-wise – by Philip King FCICM

16 August 2018 Chris Sanders, who heads up accreditation under the CICM’s CICMQ scheme, wrote an interesting guest blog last week. He highlighted trends he’s seen in recent years across the network of CICM Best Practice organisations. He focussed on three areas: the increasing pace of technological advances; the improvements in key areas such as […]

Vanity Fair – by Philip King FCICM

12 July 2018 In my blog last week, I wrote about the importance of ‘owning the process’ in our own professional development. In just the same way, we also need to own the development of our own status. I sometimes get invitations to connect on LinkedIn from people who seem to have spent their lives […]

Owning the Process – by Philip King FCICM

05 July 2018 Amidst all the euphoria of England winning the penalty shoot-out against Colombia on Tuesday evening, I learned two lessons I’d like to share. Firstly, don’t watch live football on an iPad using ITV Hub when, unbeknown to you, the game is also being shown on a TV at the rear of the […]

Travelling in the right direction – by Philip King FCICM

28 June 2018 I was overjoyed by some great news last week in the drive to change the late payment culture about which we read and talk so much. Network Rail announced that it is revamping its terms and conditions for all tier one contractors that win work in the £48bn Control Period 6 covering […]