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Vanity Fair – by Philip King FCICM

12 July 2018 In my blog last week, I wrote about the importance of ‘owning the process’ in our own professional development. In just the same way, we also need to own the development of our own status. I sometimes get invitations to connect on LinkedIn from people who seem to have spent their lives […]

Owning the Process – by Philip King FCICM

05 July 2018 Amidst all the euphoria of England winning the penalty shoot-out against Colombia on Tuesday evening, I learned two lessons I’d like to share. Firstly, don’t watch live football on an iPad using ITV Hub when, unbeknown to you, the game is also being shown on a TV at the rear of the […]

Travelling in the right direction – by Philip King FCICM

28 June 2018 I was overjoyed by some great news last week in the drive to change the late payment culture about which we read and talk so much. Network Rail announced that it is revamping its terms and conditions for all tier one contractors that win work in the £48bn Control Period 6 covering […]

Old dog, new tricks! – by Philip King FCICM

21 June 2018 A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I’d record a tutorial to post on the CICM’s YouTube channel about our new Knowledge Hub. I agreed with a degree of reluctance; I don’t spend much time on YouTube, except when I’m trying to fix something at home and I take advantage […]

The truth behind the numbers – by Philip King FCICM

07 June 2018 Intrum recently published its European Payment Report 2018. The report can be viewed here and, as as in previous years, it contains some interesting insights. There are a few statistics that stand out to me. 62% of respondents cite financial difficulties as a main cause of late payment, 45% cite inefficiency, and 48% […]

Not always getting what you deserve – By Philip King FCICM

24 May 2018 There was a short debate in the House of Lords last week to ask Her Majesty’s Government what is their assessment of the effectiveness of the Prompt Payment Code. On this subject, Sean Feast, the managing editor of our Credit Management magazine wrote an interesting piece as his introduction to the May […]

Revealing hidden depths – by Philip King FCICM

03 May 2018 In her guest blog last week, Jules Eames shared her thoughts about the five main costs involved in offering credit. She ended her blog with these words: “Yes, credit does have a cost. But by making sure the benefits outweigh these costs, we can truly add value to the organisation we serve.” […]

Applying the pressure to change – by Philip King FCICM

12 April 2018 I attended a Round Table at Downing Street just before Easter hosted by Oliver Dowden, Cabinet Office Minister and chaired by Emma Jones, the Government’s Crown Representative for Small Business. Attendees were asked not to share what was announced at the meeting but the Cabinet Office has now launched the package of measures […]