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The long and the short of credit management – by Philip King FCICM

22 March 2018 I make no apology for this probably being my shortest blog ever but I want to share my excitement and pride. We have this week launched the Credit Champions programme that has resulted from our partnership with ITN Productions. The whole programme is an hour and a half long and, before you […]

Reaching the Summit – by Philip King FCICM

14 March 2018 This is Credit Week, a week when a series of events organised by Credit Strategy, in partnership with the CICM, take place. The events include a Parliamentary Reception and the Credit Summit in which the CICM is heavily involved and, in parallel, the CICM delivers its own programme of activity including a […]

The intelligent use of data – by Philip King FCICM

01 March 2018 I chaired the Utility Week Consumer Debt Conference in Birmingham this week, as I have for the past few years, and it was the usual good quality, well-attended event with some great speakers on a variety of topics. As always, I learnt a great deal and came away with some really interesting […]

Hang out the bunting for a team effort – by Philip King FCICM

15 February 2018 Last Thursday saw the 2018 CICM British Credit Awards take place in London and the event was superb; details of the winners and pictures from the night can be seen here. On Sunday, it was my middle grandson Freddie’s Christening and first birthday party. So, what’s the connection? Both were celebrations, an […]

Duty to be Accurate – by Philip King FCICM

2nd February 2018 In my last blog, I had a bit of a rant about the glib, and incorrect, use of insolvency terminology in relation to Carillion being placed into Compulsory Liquidation. There was a debate in the House of Lords on 22 January in response to a question from Lord Mendelsohn asking what progress […]

A business built on sand – by Philip King FCICM

18 January 2018 Carillion is going to go down in the folklore of failures alongside names like Woolworths, BHS, Laker Airways, and Lehman Brothers. It’s early days and the repercussions are going to be around for months to come but right now, these are desperately worrying times for employees of, and suppliers to, Carillion, especially […]

Keeping your eye on the ball – by Philip King FCICM

11 January 2018 It’s looking like a bleak time for the retail sector. Figures compiled by Deloitte show that 118 retailers became insolvent in 2017 compared to 92 in 2016, an increase of 28%. Large retailers with ten or more stores fared proportionately worse with an increase of 55%, from 11 in 2016 to 17 […]

Time to recharge the batteries – by Philip King FCICM

21 December 2017 We approach Christmas and another year has flown by. For some it will have been a better year than for others but all of us will have experienced highs and lows. Whatever our experiences, I hope we will have learnt and developed from what life has thrown at us. It’s not possible […]

When businesses try too hard – by Philip King FCICM

14 December 2017 I came across an interesting report this week from a provider of payment solutions. To cut to the chase, the report – according to a website that reported on it – highlights the fact that local councils have huge contingent liabilities in the form of potential late-payment interest and penalties totalling some […]

Chaos, confusion and catastrophe – by Philip King FCICM

30 November 2017 48,000 people started an apprenticeship in the three months to July 2017. That compares with 117,800 in the same period in 2016. Government has said it would be wrong to judge the new apprenticeship scheme on the basis of a few months’ worth of data. I heard a minister being interviewed and […]