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Enforcement in 2021 – the new normal – A guest blog by High Court Enforcement Group

Some of the changes in the pandemic for credit management and enforcement were temporary and have started to fall away, but others remain, making the enforcement landscape indelibly altered. The first lockdown saw a moratorium on all residential judgment enforcement and landlord action. When enforcement restarted in August 2020, the Government, Public Health England and […]

Is the economic landscape changing? – Guest blog by Menzies LLP

In this week’s guest blog, the Menzies LLP Creditor Services team look at the changing economic landscape, alongside Small & Medium sized Businesses’ (“SMB”) debt statistics. What will happen as Government support reduces? Economy continues to grow The BBC recently reported that the economy grew by 0.8% in May 2021, which was the fourth consecutive […]

A blog by Jon Swan, Forums international Ambassador

I can remember quite clearly the first time I met Laurie and Lynn. It was the Autumn meeting in 1996 of the CMIG (Computer Manufacturers Industry Group) held at the Fines Bailiwick Hotel near Bracknell. I had joined Dell in September of that year and this was my first meeting. The only Credit Forums I […]

Long Live the CVA? – A guest blog by Menzies LLP

In this week’s guest blog, the Menzies LLP Creditor Services team discuss the future of the Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) as an insolvency process and the impact it can have on different groups of creditors. The Company Voluntary Arrangement  (“CVA”), was a new insolvency procedure which was introduced by the Insolvency Act 1986 to provide a simple […]

Clearer skies on the horizon – A guest blog by Esker

As signs of an economic recovery emerge, how can companies now prepare to respond to changes? The turbulent last year and constant negative news cycles have reminded me of the old joke about the optimist and the pessimist. The pessimist says ‘surely it can’t get any worse than this’ and the optimist replies ‘oh yes […]

Wake Up To O2C Automation – A guest blog by HighRadius

An evolving technological ecosystem requires companies to keep up with advancements and make sure that they remain current with the times. The order to cash space has seen immense growth over the last decade, with the introduction of faster and more efficient processing methods being innovated. The latest Hackett study on CFO priorities in 2020 […]

Cutting through the insolvency paperwork jargon – A guest blog by Menzies LLP

In this week’s guest blog, the Menzies LLP Creditor Services team highlight the areas you should be looking for on receipt of insolvency paperwork and, most importantly, whether there will be a dividend. Priority of payments in a company insolvency The priority of payments in a company insolvency determines where creditors rank in terms of […]

Safe Harbour for Cash in the Perfect Storm – A guest blog by Serrala

Managing Rising Levels of Customer Risk and Insolvencies due to Brexit After several delays, the EU and the UK reached a compromise on Brexit in the very last-minute at the end of 2020 – only seven days before the estimated exit day. They agreed upon transition period that is about to end in June 2021, […]

Hybrid working doesn’t mean sacrificing payment security – A guest blog by Key IVR

Just when you thought the nation couldn’t get more excited for pints in the Pub Garden, the new easing of restrictions this week has meant that many indoor-based organisations, including the entire hospitality and leisure sector, can take that hesitant step back to normality. And I mean “normality” in the loosest of terms. Let’s call […]