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Back yourself to win – by Sue Chapple FCICM

6 November 2020

And so here we go again. Another lockdown. Another period of worry, uncertainty and challenge. But also another opportunity for our members to demonstrate their true worth, and the essential role they play in keeping the wheels of industry turning.

The messages in our ‘Managing the new credit future’ still hold true: we must continue to adjust our collections and recovery strategies to fit the constantly changing financial environment; we must look at our forecasts and projections and ensure they remain honest and realistic; and we must continue to talk, to ensure credit teams’ actions are aligned with senior management objectives. Training also remains critical, equipping our teams with the skills they need to succeed.

If there is a single message I want to communicate it is this: trust yourself. Trust your judgment in making decisions that are in the best interests of your business. Trust your training, and the skills you have acquired as credit professionals, and take the opportunity to learn more. And trust your colleagues, working with your people and senior management towards a new future.

We know that the road ahead is going to be difficult. We know that a storm is brewing. We recognise the recovery, when it comes, will be long and slow. This means we must look after each other, to share experiences, to engage with your professional body and your peers to help us all through what will undoubtedly be a difficult time. We will ultimately prevail,  and it will be the skills that you have, the knowledge you have acquired, and the support of the CICM, that will get us there.









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