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Double Trouble! – by Philip King FCICM

04 October 2018

I crave your indulgence for this blog which is, unusually for me, a very personal one. I received a call on Thursday 6 September to say my eldest son’s wife was in hospital having given birth to twin boys at 31 weeks after one of the babies went into fetal distress necessitating an emergency caesarean section.

Because my son and daughter-in-law were closely involved in the traumatic and, frankly, terrifying events as they unfolded through the day, we only found out about eight hours after the birth by which time the twins were in intensive care. Grandsons 4 and 5 had arrived.

Thankfully, progress over the last four weeks has been amazing, both twins have had all tubing and assistance removed, and are now at home and growing at some rate.

I am incredibly proud of all three of my children and my five grandsons and I consider every minute I spend with them a privilege and joy.

I make two points. Firstly, the NHS is the most under-rated and extraordinary organisation. When it gets things right, it does so with a vengeance and words cannot describe its contribution. Secondly, events like this are a good reminder that we must get our priorities right. David Jakielo said: “The most important thing in life is knowing the most important things in life.” It’s worth keeping in mind.


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