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Education. Education. Education! – by Philip King FCICM

13 December 2018

I was clearing out some old papers in the CICM office recently and came across a couple of documents I produced when I was Chair of the CICM Education Committee in March and July 1998; yes, 20 years ago! The first was a proposal to review the qualifications syllabus, and the second set out the options for the way ahead.

The options outlined in the the documents were possible routes to the next step in the continual evolution of our qualifications. They proposed reducing the number of subjects and exams, and led to the introduction of professional letters AICM for those who achieved part-qualification towards MICM(Grad) status (now, of course, ACICM and MCICM(Grad)). However, one of the most striking features of the documents was my imaginative use of WordArt on the cover pages. I recall being very proud of my creativity at the time!

When I was being interviewed for my current role, I was challenged that my reputation meant I might be focused on education, education, and education, rather than the broader  requirements of our members. I hope my record has adequately answered the question, but there can be no doubt that education remains, and will always remain, a key element of the CICM offering. One of our core objectives is to support credit professionals throughout their careers, and qualifications are fundamental to this.

I hope you will have read the details that have appeared in recent magazines and briefings, and will continue to appear in forthcoming issues, about imminent changes to our qualifications structure. I don’t want to go into too much detail here but, in essence, we will be offering a broader range and greater flexibility in style, content, and level. Perhaps the biggest change is that each subject will be an award in its own right and each award gained can be banked towards a full qualification. This will allow members to gain an award in their current specialism and add awards as their responsibilities and career develop.

I qualified with the CICM in 1982 and was teaching in what was then Watford College in the late 80s. I’ve watched the qualifications develop over the last 25 years from close quarters and I’m proud of them. The changes now taking place are another important step in this evolutionary process and I’m immensely proud of what will be available from early next year. Please take a look at the details on the website here and see how relevant and flexible they are for you, your teams, and your colleagues.


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