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Facing A More Certain Future – A blog by Sue Chapple FCICM

11th January 2021

I noted that over Christmas and the New Year they repeated (no pun intended) one of the seminal films of its generation, Groundhog Day. For those less familiar with the intricate nature of the plot, it’s about a man caught in a time loop forcing him to relive a particular day repeatedly.

In some ways it could so easily be a metaphor for 2020/2021. Not in any negative way, but more in the sense that we start this year with fewer surprises, and as an industry – and as professional credit managers – we are much better prepared, and more certain of our actions.

Over the last few weeks, of course we have been focused on the urgent task of continuing to support our members through this latest phase of the crisis. But perhaps more importantly, we have also not lost sight of the other major challenges facing our industry, not least our new trading relationship with Europe and issues even closer to home such as Crown Preference and the implications of additional Breathing Space.

We pride ourselves on our inclusivity, and in listening to our members’ thoughts and views. These views are critical in helping us shape how we interact and communicate going forward. So keep talking to us. Tell us what you need to know, and what will be of greatest value to you, in the days and weeks ahead so we can direct our resources to give you the support you should expect of your professional body. Whereas I have my own opinions, and the opinions and experience of the headquarters team to lean upon, it is essential that these are aligned with the support and information you need.

This pandemic will not last forever, and when we do return to business as usual there will be plenty for us to do. So don’t be backward in coming forward. Please email me with your thoughts.

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