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The moment of truth? – a blog by Philip King FCICM

11 May 2017

So, we’re now in the grips of election fever, the publication of manifestos is imminent (or leaked!), and the campaign buses are back on the roads.

The undercurrent of Brexit, the extraordinary current political situation, and the brought-forward timeline, mean this is no ordinary or routine general election. Sadly, early indications are that much of the political behaviour will be true to form as claims, counter-claims, photo-shopped pictures, and personal attacks become the order of the day.

In many professions, including credit management, making outrageous claims bearing no resemblance to reality, being unable to justify or validate numbers quoted, or using data and statistics in a totally distorted way would be seen to be seriously career limiting. Not so, it appears, in politics.

We’ve already heard some absurd statements, promises and numbers that would be obviously unfounded with the application of even a little thought or common sense. Yet the assumption seems to be that the listening public can’t see the words for what they are, and will just take them at face value without question or challenge.

Am I alone in wishing that politicians would stop treating us with contempt and just tell us the truth?

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