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Owning the Process – by Philip King FCICM

05 July 2018

Amidst all the euphoria of England winning the penalty shoot-out against Colombia on Tuesday evening, I learned two lessons I’d like to share.

Firstly, don’t watch live football on an iPad using ITV Hub when, unbeknown to you, the game is also being shown on a TV at the rear of the garden in which you’re sitting. Why? Because you’ll be about three minutes behind the live action and will know what happens from the watching crowd’s reaction before you see it. It makes for something of an anti-climax but fortunately I learned the lesson before extra time or penalties!

Secondly, in his post-match interview, Gareth Southgate talked about the importance of the players “owning the process” and he’s spot on. Most of us are very unlikely to ever have to take a penalty for England but we do have to think about our own careers and owning the process is equally relevant and important.

Watch this video, it’s about the CICM’s new Knowledge Hub which I’ve been talking about recently. If we’re serious about progressing and developing our careers, we can’t leave it to others and we have to take action ourselves. Fortunately, the Knowledge Hub provides a vehicle to make it easier for us to own the process.


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