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The view from both sides – guest blog by Shoosmiths

04 July 2019 Before taking a role in client service management, I worked at the sharp end of a legal collections team for five years. In my former life as a Litigation Manager, nothing made my heart sink lower and deeper than the regular circulation (usually on a Monday) of the accounts receivables report. Any client […]

Is Cash Always King? – guest blog by Jo Kettner, CEO of Company Watch

    27 June 2019 For many credit professionals the phrase ‘cash is king’ has become rather hackneyed and over-used. Clearly cash is vital to enable the continuity of the company and to meet its immediate obligations. Cash can arise from trading operations or from debt, shareholder or asset disposals. Cash also provides the business […]

Finding the right technology innovation – guest blog by Tim Blundy, Director at C2FO

06 June 2019 For most businesses, equal weight is applied to generating income at month end from both sales and financial accounting, as both roles share responsibility for ensuring the business achieves its goals. Yet unpredictability can squash the performance of every best laid forecast, which means more and more, sales and financial accounting leaders […]

Pens, paper and floppies! – by Philip King FCICM

16 May 2019 I first started working in credit in January 1979 so I’ve now been a credit professional for over 40 years. That’s a scary thought but also a reminder of what a great and varied career I’ve had throughout those years, and what a brilliant profession credit management is. What makes it so […]

A long journey starting with a single step – Philip King FCICM

2 May 2019 The CICM published a press release last weekend announcing the suspension of 17 signatories from the Prompt Payment Code which the Institute administers for The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). As one might have expected, it has generated a significant amount of media interest, particularly across trade publications and […]

One to watch – by Philip King FCICM

11 April 2019 Late payment is firmly on the agenda this week and the CICM is at the centre of the debate. One of the key weapons to move payment culture in the right direction is raising the level of public debate. I was therefore delighted to see the attention given to the report on […]

Shifting from time-consuming Excel sheets to concise credit management – guest blog by Martin de Heus, VP of Direct Sales at Onguard

04 April 2019 In today’s world, technology and software are an essential part of business. This is especially true in accounts and credit management departments where organising and sharing data, tracking orders, scheduling tasks and managing workloads are all vital processes for long-term success and growth. The type of software used to manage these processes, […]

Changing Times – guest blog by CICM Corporate Partner Dun & Bradstreet

28 March 2019 Change is inevitable in the wake of Brexit – can SMEs cope? Change is an integral part of the business landscape, and it always has been. But today’s level of change is completely unprecedented. It seems to come from all quarters – economic, political, and social – largely due to the uncertainty […]

Unlocking Your Hidden Millions – guest blog by CICM Corporate Partner Rimilia

21 March 2019 Cash is King – we all know that, so why do so many organisations still have piles of unallocated cash and multi day internal processing arrangements? Cash Allocation Teams Struggle Cash teams are struggling with time-consuming and complex tasks that keep them from doing their most important role – making sure all […]