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The real benefit of belonging – by Philip King FCICM

28 February 2019

I read a post by Chris Sanders on LinkedIn recently. Chris is Head of Accreditation for the CICM’s CICMQ quality accreditation scheme and was making observations after recently attending a meeting at CICM HQ. He talks about the objectives of the Institute as defined in our Royal Charter and the objective of the CICMQ programme. The first is to advance the education of the public concerning credit management, and to encourage the study and practice thereof. The latter is to improve standards in credit management.

In order to achieve these, it’s crucial that a community exists for credit professionals. The CICM is that community which can be accessed at events, online, through social media and several other channels.

I was privileged to host an event organised by our South Wales branch, supported by one of the CICM’s Corporate Partners, Atradius a few weeks ago in Cardiff. The event was titled ‘Are the robots coming or are they here already? What will you do?’ It featured two expert speakers, Gideon Jones and Tanya Giles, and a far less expert contribution from me. It was a great breakfast event, with the opportunity for extensive networking among those attending.

This week I attended another breakfast event in Marlow, organised this time by our Thames Valley branch and hosted by another of our Corporate Partners Dun & Bradstreet. Expert speakers featured were Markus Kuger, Lead Economist at Dun & Bradstreet, Charlie Reith from Portland Communications, and Rob Coulton and Iain Maitland from Acumen, a credit insurance broker. We heard some fascinating insights on the state of the economy and where it might be heading, focusing on aspects of particular interest to credit professionals, the current UK political context and turmoil, and the impact of Brexit on credit insurance.

Both of these events were organised by dedicated CICM branch volunteers for their colleagues in the CICM credit management community. Afterwards I felt enriched with more knowledge than I had when I arrived, and I know other attendees did similarly.

Chris is right: “if you are in credit management at any level, get involved in the CICM. Become a member, go to branch meetings, attend conferences and events…..Go to, it really is the recognised standard in credit management.”


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