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Seeking Fellows of the Future – by Philip King FCICM

14 February 2019

Every so often someone comes up with an idea that really resonates. The CICM this week launched a new ‘Fellows of the Future’ scheme and I’m very proud of the team for their initiative in developing it.

Nominations are open until 22 February for participants to be nominated, or nominate themselves, and just ten places are available. One of the key objectives of the CICM is to support people throughout their careers and this is a great example of us doing just that.

Ten people will have the chance to turbocharge their careers. All the details are set out here and it couldn’t be easier.

Only 7 days are left so don’t regret that you didn’t give someone the lift they deserved, or that you didn’t put yourself forward for such a great opportunity. There will only be 6 days left tomorrow, and we know how fast time flies. Christmas was now 51 days ago so please do it BEFORE the weekend.


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