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Seize the Day! – by Philip King FCICM

10 January 2019

Welcome to 2019, and I hope you had a restful, refreshing and recharging Christmas break.

I’m not a great believer in new year’s resolutions. It always seems a little pointless to just count the days until I stop doing whatever it is I resolved to do!

I’m looking forward to an exciting 2019 for the CICM. This year is our 80th anniversary and I believe the way we support our members is better than ever. There are so many ways in which members can get involved and so many ways in which your institute can help you.

Our Knowledge Hub, our Mentor Hub, local meetings and events, a brilliant magazine, a free advice line, new flexible qualifications, easier routes to upgrade membership status, CICMQ, and so much more.

New Year’s Resolutions or not, there is something for you and I urge you to make the most of it.

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