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Time to back yourself – by Sue Chapple FCICM

4 June 2020

The country has moved to the next ‘phase’ of the COVID-19 crisis which is leading to a steady trickle of people returning to their pre-crisis working routine. For some, it’s still too early; for others, they are desperate to go back to an office, and equally desperate to create a new ‘normal’ with normal behaviours and attitudes. It is difficult: some have their eyes firmly fixed on the future whereas others cannot see a future other than one full of woe and disaster.

It is, perhaps, far too simplistic to blame the media for the fear and confusion that still abounds. It is fair to say, however, that fear is certainly not helping, neither is some of the reporting and the constant focus on the worst case at every turn. It is exhausting me and I’m sure frustrating many of the CICM’s members.

Of course, there are tough times ahead. Of course, the government has got things wrong as businesses will get things wrong too as we all try and deal with a scenario few of us could ever have imagined. The support the Chancellor has provided through CBILs, the furloughing scheme and other measures may indeed be hiding the true economic impact of the crisis, and some businesses will fail.

But this is a time to back yourself. Don’t listen to the rhetoric. Don’t be put off by the inconsistency of reporting and the contradictory and confusing messages we hear from various ‘experts’ who cannot agree among themselves. You know your industry and your business better than any of them. You know your customers. You know how your supply chain works and where the pressure points will be. Deal with what you know and what’s in front of you. And between us we can discover that the future isn’t quite as catastrophic as some will have you believe.







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