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Does CICM endorse learning resources?

Yes. CICM encourages publishers and organisations with learning materials which are relevant for CICM learners to apply for CICM endorsement.

How to apply?

• Contact the CICM to discuss the resources and their relevance to CICM programmes.

• Identify which of the following categories your learning resources best fit:

Recommended resources – covers all course content and meets CICM learning resource quality standards (see below).
Recommended wider reading – important supporting text which compliments the recommended text and covers specific areas in more detail.
Other useful resources – further reading which contains useful content.

• Complete an CICM learning resource endorsement application form and submit with the learning resources and an application fee to the CICM for review, including:

Detailed mapping against relevant unit learning outcomes for applications for CICM recommended resource status.
Mapping against CICM recommended resources for CICM recommended wider reading status.
A clear statement about the value of the resource for the other useful reading category.

• For CICM endorsement, resources must be:

Well written – clear language
Well designed – attractive design which is fit for purpose
Accessible – available for sale through Amazon or another PCI complaint outlet
Have robust arrangements to keep resources up-to-date
For further information, please email