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CICM Student Connect - The new network for students of Credit Management and Collections

What is CICM Student Connect?

CICM Student Connect is a new LinkedIn group for studying members and students of CICM Qualifications, or those looking to study Credit Management and Collections.


Join a private group full of like-minded, studying professionals to help you achieve your qualification and continue your studies.


How do I join CICM Student Connect?

If you are a Studying Member of CICM, somebody interested in studying or even an aspiring Mentor that wishes to offer a helping hand that you wish you had,  this group is for you.

To join, request to do so via LinkedIn, here.

CICM Student connect is a place where you can get guidance and tips for your exams, information on Credit Management and Collections Topic areas, ask for expert advice on assignments, connect with other Studying Members, Revise and much more.


How do I study with CICM?

If you want to know more about CICM Qualifications, or how to get qualified in Credit Management and Collections, you can see the various studying packages and options on our website.



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