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Advancing the credit profession

CICM Training Programmes

Credit Control and Collections

Advanced Telephone Collection Skills
Collecting with Confidence
Consumer Credit Collections
Essential Telephone Collection Techniques
Getting started in Credit Control and Collections
Negotiating and Influencing
Psychology of Collections
Psychology of Telephone Collections
Consumer Telephone Collections
Tracing the Gone Away
Consumer telephone collections and negotiations
Working with your customers – How to conduct a customer visit
Getting your message across – confident communications for credit and finance
International Collection Skills
Interpersonal skills for credit and finance
Working with Sales – Communicating with impact

Export Payments, Procedures and Brexit Implications
Letters of Credit
Taking the Risk out of Export Sales

Finance and Accounts
Advanced Credit Risk
Credit Risk Analysis
Financial Analysis
Introduction to Company Accounts
Introduction to Credit Risk Assessment
Working with Company Accounts
Fundamentals of Credit Risk
Invoicing and Receipting
Understanding Business Strategy and Risk

General Business Skills
Business Communication and Personal Skills – Call T: +44 (0)1780 722907
Business Solutions through Creative Thinking – – Call T: +44 (0)1780 722907
Building relationships in Credit Management – Service Centre Environment
Credit Control for sales people
Business Communications and Personal Skills

Industry Specific
Management of Sundry Debtors for Local Authorities – Call T: +44 (0)1780 722907
Rent Collections Telephone Collections for Social Housing
Management of sundry debtors for local authorities
Understanding Collections in the Water Industry
Consumer Collections for the Utility sector

Advanced Debt Recovery through the Courts
Debt Recovery from End to End
Debt Recovery through the Courts
Handling your own Small Claims cases
Insolvency and Bankruptcy
Litigation – Effective Enforcement
Scottish Legal Debt Recovery

Collections Team Management
Credit Management Strategies
Credit Policy Workshop
Credit Team Leadership
Develop your Credit Control Skills
Essential Management Skills
Time Management for Credit Staff
Managing remote teams, interpersonal effectiveness and working with others
Stepping up – from team member to credit manager/team leader


Credit Management in a Nutshell
Negotiating and Influencing Skills
Telephone Collections
Time Management


CICM Training