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CICMQ is the perfect cup of tea for TATA Global

TATA Global Beverages (TGB) has evolved from a predominantly domestic Indian tea farming entity to the second largest tea company in the world, with over 300 million servings of its brands such as Tata Tea and Tetley consumed every day. It recently achieved the prestigious CICMQ accreditation for the first time.

The credit team is based in Greenford and headed up by Naaz Chouglay, Head of EMEA Transaction Processing. Her team of six manage the complete credit management, credit control and accounts payable process. The TGB customer base is made up of supermarkets, discounters, cash and carry, independent wholesalers and catering companies. TGB exports to EMEA through a distribution channel to countries like Spain, France, Switzerland, Portugal and Middle East.

“The journey towards the accreditation was an advantage. Preparing for the Accreditation helped us to prioritise and focus on the alignment of the Sales and Finance Teams, which resulted in an improved reporting pack, tailoring it to the needs of the business, this in turn, has resulted in improved KPIs,” Naaz says.

CICMQ Assessor, Jenny Oakley says despite this being a small team, with several long-serving members, all are very skilled and competent in their roles: “There is an air of quiet efficiency and professionalism around the department.”