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In-company training – is your team striking the right balance?

CICM In-company training can help your credit and collections team manage the balancing act


Developing credit strategy; Building business; Managing risk; Complying with regulations; Improving customer relations; Collecting the cash; Achieving targets; Reaping the rewards.

We deliver specialised training that can be tailored and delivered ‘in-company’ at your offices.  There are a wide range of topics, including credit management, strategy, credit risk, collections, financial and legal.  Have a look at our training programmes.

Cliff Poole, FCICM, Managing Director UK Search Limited and CICM Trainer explains the new way to train consumer collections teams – ‘Swinging the pendulum‘.

Please contact In-company Training Advisor Julie Dalton on T: +44 (0)1780 722907 to discuss your requirements, or E: