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An introduction to Court Enforcement Services Ltd

An introduction to Court Enforcement Services Ltd from members of the Client team who explain why the business is ‘Fast. Fair. For You.’ and why all matters are ‘Expertly Resolved.’

Court Enforcement Services Ltd is the fastest growing High Court Enforcement Company in the UK. Since forming in 2014 the business has managed over 100,000 High Court Writs and recovered more than £187 million for our clients.

We work with credit management professionals and their solicitors, in-house litigation departments and legal operations working for creditors across all sectors including utility companies and businesses generally to recover their unpaid County Court Judgments (CCJ’s) sooner rather than later.

We are dedicated to providing the very best client service levels and highest collection performance levels in our sector. We promote early-stage resolution and achieve an above industry average engagement rate of 39% at the compliance stage.

By delivering an approach that differs from traditional providers or panels, we have worked tirelessly on the frontline to earn our reputation as the leading High Court enforcement company.

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