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Credit control for sales people


What will you gain?

This interactive session is intended to provide ‘order to cash’ training for Sales teams.  It encourages working with the credit control function to ensure sales are not delayed in the credit authorisation process, the evaluation of potential customers and to ensure they are viable before you waste sales effort on a business in financial difficulty.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at the sales team and sales managers who need to provide their customers with credit terms and facilities.  It will help to understand how day-to-day decisions and negotiations impact profit and cashflow within your business.

What will it cover?

Order to cash process – turning sales into cash

  • Where it all begins and how we assess customer worth
  • The role of the credit department, typical structure and process
  • Information required to determine customer risk
  • Customer identity and how it can help avoid fraud
  • Working with the credit team to identify new opportunities

Supporting sales through good credit management

  • How to identify strong and weak customers
  • Risk vs reward – what profit are we making and how much risk to take
  • Working with the customers to provide solutions to mitigate risk (securities, payment terms etc.)

Avoiding bad debts

  • Questions to ask during the customer visit
  • What signs to look for which may indicate a customer is in financial difficulty
  • Handling some of the tougher challenges – how to continue trading when the financial outlook for the customer appears gloomy

Training Options


Duration: One day

Delivery: At your offices

Timing: At your convenience

Tailored: Programme delivery can be tailored to meet your particular requirements

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