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Our different methods of study

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Evening/day classes

CICM qualifications are taught at teaching centres across the UK.  Course programme managers are able to provide advice on enrolment dates, class times and tuition fees.  Please note it is only the Credit Management Level 3 examined units and Level 5 units that can be studied at an evening class.

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Virtual Classrooms

The CICM Credit Academy offers the opportunity to study in a virtual classroom for a selection of Credit Management units.

Classes are interactive and led by an experienced tutor.  There is plenty of opportunity to ask questions and test knowledge.

The classes for Level 3 Diploma units in Credit Management (Trade, Export and Consumer) and Business Environment comprise of 10 x 1½ hours sessions, Accounting Principles and Business Law run over 10 x 2 hour sessions.  Classes for Level 5 Diploma assignment units comprise of 6 x 2 hour.  In addition learners will need to spend a minimum of 5 to 6 hours a week on home study.

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Home study – supported

The CICM Academy offers supported home study for all CICM units.

The package for CICM Level 3 Diploma in Credit Management examined units and Level 5 Diploma includes: Text books (Level 3 only), CICM Study text, Initial guidance on how to plan your studies, a 6 month contract for tutorial support – 1½ hours for Level 3, 2 hours for Level 5, via email or telephone and 3 examination questions with written feedback, online sample questions for Credit Management/Business Law/Business Environment and Past question papers and answers for Accounting Principles, Legal Proceedings & Insolvency.

If you would like to receive some tutorial support but do not require training to complete your assignment in Credit Management, Debt Collection or Money & Debt Advice, our supported distance learning may suit you.  The CICM Credit Academy can arrange coaching by email or telephone per subject from an experienced person in the relevant field.

Other organisation also offer supported home study options.

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Home study – unsupported

This option is available on our examined units.  This provides the cheapest and most flexible option since no tutorial support is provided.  For certain units you will need to purchase a study text and further study material.  Once you have worked through the study text you can enter to take your exam at the next available exam series.

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Assignment only

This option is available to learners who have experience in this field or who have had the relevant training.  You will simply receive the assignment to complete.  This provides the cheapest and most flexible option since no tutorial support is provided.  For the General Money & Debt advice unit and all the Debt Collection units you will need to purchase a study text.

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In-company classes

If you have a number of learners at your organisation who wish to study then the CICM Credit Academy offers in-company classes held at your office.  This is both a cost and time effective method of teaching.

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