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1. How can I take my CICM exam?

To sit a CICM Exam, you must be a current member. All CICM exams are now available to take online.  For most subjects and modules, you have a choice of taking the online exams in one of the Pearson Vue centres around the world, or using our proctored online exam service at your home or place of work.  You can find more detailed FAQs for each method in this section.

2. What if I require special access, special educational requirements or other assistance?

You must inform the CICM of any special requirements or access needs before you book your exam, preferably at time of CICM registration. Contact the CICM Awarding Body  or call T: +44 (0)1780 727272

3. Who is Pearson VUE?

Pearson VUE is the leader in high stakes computer-based-testing with a world-wide network of testing centres. Pearson VUE delivers CICM multiple choice examinations globally, and proctored online exams with their partner OnVue. They provide the accommodation and deliver the exams to our candidates.

4. Who is Exam Room.A.I.?

ExamRoom.AI is a US company with considerable experience in delivering proctored exams to universities and professional institutes worldwide. They were the first to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their proctoring exams, and use a range of advanced techniques to ensure exam security. Exam Room.AI delivers our Accounting Principles and High Court Enforcement exams.

5. Are the emails I am getting from Pearson VUE or ExamRoom.A.I ‘spam’?

No, these provide instructions and/or log in details and a password to enable you to book your online exams.

6. How do I book my online exam?

You can book the following exams through our website:

  • Credit Management (all subjects)
  • Business Environment
  • Business Law
  • Consumer Collections
  • Taking Control of goods

If you have pre-paid for your exam fees, please request a voucher code.

If you would like to book your Accounting Principles or High Court Enforcement Exam, complete an entry form on the relevant pages:

Once you have joined/registered with CICM, you will receive an automated email from Pearson Vue with full instructions.

7. What if I have lost my Pearson Vue login details, or cannot find the email?

Please watch this useful tutorial

Contact Pearson VUE on T: +44 (0)0161 855 7328.

8. Where will I sit my online exams?

Accounting Principles exam Other exams
You will take your exam at home or another suitable place using online proctoring exams.  For more information, read the CICM Exam Day Manual and System user guide. You have a choice: Test centre locally to you or remote proctoring at your home or office (dependent on system requirements) – see next section for more detail about this. Full guidance available here.

9. What happens if I need to cancel or amend my booking?

Accounting Principles exam Other exams

Contact CICM Awarding Body

E: or call

T: +44 (0)1780 727272.

Cancellations need to be done before the deadline dates. Otherwise, you will forfeit your exam fee.

You can reschedule/cancel your Pearson Vue exam booking by logging on into your account.


Contact Pearson VUE customer services,

T: +44 (0)161 855 7328, no less than 48 working hours before your online exam.

10. Will I lose my fee due to cancellation?

Not unless you give less than 48 hours (two working days) notice.

11. What is the format of the examination, for example is there a tutorial on how to use the system?

The Accounting Principles exam involves 5 compulsory questions with 3 parts, timed (3.5 hours). You will type your answers in the exam and insert tables where required. There are example exams and advice on CICM Knowledge Hub, including a timed mock exam.

The other exams are made up of three sections:

  • Introduction including a tutorial, practice question and non-disclosure. There is no time limit to this section.
  • Exam questions (timed for 60 minutes). 60 questions, multiple choice.
  • Exam evaluation.

12. What is the non-disclosure agreement?

You are required to agree to the non-disclosure agreement to confirm that you will not disclose, publish, reproduce or transmit any part of the test to anyone by any means, including visual, aural, verbal, written, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose. The consequences of a candidate disclosing assessment material includes the voiding of specific items or the whole examination if the CICM Assessment Board believed that a candidate had an unfair advantage. Also, the Assessment Board may ban the candidate who disclosed the information from entering further CICM exam. Testing centres will monitor and report any improper communication regarding examination content to the CICM Awarding Body

If you do not agree to the non-disclosure agreement, your examination will be terminated and you will forfeit the examination fee.

13. What is the pass mark for online exams?

Accounting Principles exam Other exams
The pass mark for the Accounting Principle exam is 50% for Level 3 Pass and 40% for Level 2 Pass. 75% for Level 3 and 60% for Level 2. However, this varies slightly between exams. CICM issues confirmation of results by letter following the exam.

14. When do I get my result?

Accounting Principles exam Other exams

Your answers will be marked by an examiner and moderator, and so you will receive your

result about 6 weeks later (see assessment timetable on CICM website for results day).


Results will be available from the test centre administrator or your online account thirty minutes after the exam has taken place. You will receive written notification and any certificate/s approximately two weeks later.

15. What is the next step after my exam?

We hope that knowledge of a ‘pass’ means that you can move more confidently onto the next unit of your CICM qualification.  If you have do not have the outcome you were hoping for, we can help.  You may find the result report a helpful guide for further study if you have to prepare for a retake.  If you want to talk to one of our qualifications team about retaking or your next steps, please get in touch. 01780722900

It is strongly recommended that you have gained Level 3 passes in credit management, business environment business law and accounting principles if you would like to progress to the CICM Level 5 Diploma in Credit Management.

16. How will my personal data be used?

The personal data you have provided on your membership form will be used for the administration of the CICM’s examinations, and will be passed to your education provider and examination centre solely for this purpose. We will not share your details with any third party outside of Europe unless these have been provided as part of your registration details or consent has been given. Where personal information is processed and retained by a service provider in the United States, we have appropriate agreements in place which include a requirement that the organisation utilises appropriate data security safeguards and maintains its certification under the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.

17. What happens to my assessment results?

The results of assessments are:

  • Held within the Institute’s computer system in perpetuity
  • Kept on your personal file
  • With your permission notified to your education provider
  • Published in Credit Management where success in an examination leads to the completion of a CICM Diploma in Credit Management
  • In the case of prize-winners, notified to the organisation which offers the relevant CICM prize or award and published in Credit Management
  • Verified to recruitment agencies, employers and prospective employers where appropriate.
  • Uploaded to the Personal Learning Record database on request.

18. Use of candidate data

Please note that some of the information you supply will be used by the Skills Funding Agency to fulfil its statutory functions, issue and/or verify your Unique Learner Number (ULN) and update and/or check your own Personal Learning Record. Further details of how your information is processed and shared can be found here

19. Can I retake if I do not get the results I wanted?

Yes, you can retake after one month for all subjects apart from Accounting Principles (for which you will need to wait for the next exam series (usually 3 months later in normal circumstances).

20. How do I get my candidate number for booking exams?

Your candidate number is actually your CICM membership number, which you will get on joining. When you first join CICM, you will get an email from Pearson Vue with your log in and account details, which you need to keep safe for booking exams.

If you do not know your membership number, please contact the CICM team on (+44) 01780 722900

21. What is the exam code that I need to book?

The exam codes are listed in the Booking and Learner Guidance

22. What happens after I book my online exam?

Once you have booked your exam, you will receive a confirmation email from Pearson Vue (or Exam Room for Accounting Principles) which will contain everything you need to know about taking the exam, including ID requirements.


Taking online exams at PEARSON VUE testing centres

1. Where can I take my online exam?

If you have chosen to take your exam at a Pearson Vue Test Centre (rather than at home or office using online proctoring) the Pearson Vue booking website will show available t est centres.  These are located around most towns and cities throughout the UK and across the world so there should be one available reasonably close to either your work or home address.   The exams are available at various times to make your booking as flexible and convenient as possible.

2. What will I need when I arrive at the test centre?

Security is tight, and we ask that you arrive at the centre 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. You must have two forms of identification: The primary document must contain your photograph and signature, i.e. current, valid passport, or photo driving licence. The secondary document must contain signature, i.e. credit card.  Please note Pearson Vue will not accept an expired passport as ID.

Primary ID must be current, valid (i.e. not expired), and contain your name exactly as registered, photograph and signature:

  • A valid/ current passport of any country
  • A government issued photo driving licence (full or provisional)
  • A government issued state/country identification card
  • A government issued alien registration card, green card or permanent resident’s visa
  • Military ID
  • Signed University/ College/ Learning Provider ID
  • Employee ID
  • Bailiff General Certificate

        Secondary ID must contain your signature:

  • Any ID from the primary list
  • Credit / Debit or ATM card

Please check that your first name and last name match exactly with the identification documents that you intend to present on the day of your test. If the details do not match, please contact as soon as possible.  You will not be admitted to test and will lose your fee if you fail to present the correct identification.

3. What if I’m late?

If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your appointment time, you will not be able to enter the exam room and your entry fee will be lost.

4. What can I take into the test with me at the Test Centre?

Nothing. A locker will be provided for all your personal belongings, e.g. mobile phones or handbags. You will be allowed to take in your asthma inhaler, but the invigilator may ask you to take it apart to check that there is nothing hidden inside. You are not allowed advanced technology eyewear e.g. Google Glass, camera glasses or spy glasses.

Please see Pearson VUE website regarding particular arrangement in each country, e.g. if there are requirements to wear a mask and social distancing arrangements in place.

The centre will provide you with an erasable whiteboard and pen should you request it and there is a standard calculator built into the exam for your use, if required. The centre will provide you with a simple function hand held calculator on request.

Earphones or plugs will also be available from the centre should you wish to use them.

5. Why is there an issue about glasses?

Pearson Vue identified that candidates could wear advanced technological eyewear such as Google Glass, camera glasses or spy glasses which means they could copy an exam. As a result, Pearson Vue is introducing a new process to check for this advanced eyewear. The test centre administrator therefore may ask every candidate wearing glasses to remove the glasses and show them, but not hand them over, to the administrator for inspection. Administrators will not be allowed to touch the glasses, even if a candidate offers, for legal and liability reasons. If a test centre administrator suspects a candidate to be wearing a camera or spy glasses after the visual inspection, candidates will be asked to store Google Glass (or similar) with their personal items in the locker provided or leave them in their vehicles to continue with the check-in process. If the candidate refuses to store the Google Glass (or similar), the test centre administrator will follow the candidate misconduct process.

6. Concerns during the exam

Candidates are instructed to raise their hand during their exam if you require assistance. If you experience hardware or software problems, or distractions that affect your ability to take the exam, notify the administrator immediately by raising your hand. The centre will raise an incident number with Pearson VUE who will then advise the CICM of the circumstances. We can then take this into consideration when moderating the online examinations.

7. Issues at exam centres

If you have any cause to complain about any aspect relating to your examination, you should submit your views, in writing or by email, to the Awarding Body Co-ordinator at the Water Mill, Station Road, South Luffenham, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 8NB or Email: within seven working days of the examination.

Also, if a test centre becomes unavailable on the day of your exam, Pearson Vue customer service will do their best to re-schedule your exam to another centre during the exam week, or offer you the choice of deferring your exam free of charge to the next exam series.

Please note, however, that it is Pearson Vue policy that should you decide to go ahead and sit your re-scheduled exam and not to defer your exam to the next series, no further compensation or adjustments to results can be made.


Taking CICM proctored online exams: general questions

1. What is online proctoring?

CICM candidates now have a choice how to take their exams.  As well as the taking your exam in one of the network of Pearson Vue test centres in the world (apart from Accounting Princples), you can now choose to take your exam at a location of your choice, e.g. home or work.  Using technology to secure the exam environment, your exam will be overseen by an online proctor, or invigilator.  There are, of course, equipment and system requirements.

2. Which exams can I take using online proctoring?

The following exams will be available to take at home or your office from.

  • Credit management (TEC)
  • Trade Credit
  • Management
  • Export Credit Management
  • Consumer Credit Management
  • Consumer Collections
  • Business Environment
  • Business Law
  • Taking Control of Goods
  • Accounting Principles (AP)
    • AP now only available by proctored exam, and can be taken January, March, June and October each year

3. Where can I take my proctored online exam?

You can take your exam at home, your office or at another location. We do recommend using a personal computer, as work computers generally have more restrictions that may prevent successful delivery due to corporate firewall (including VPN).  If you do decide to take your exam at work on a network, you must alert your Network Administrator to the network configuration requirements (sent to you after booking, and available on our website) well in advance so that they can make the necessary arrangements.

You should be in a walled room, with a closed door and without distractions. No one else is permitted in the room with you.

4. Where do I go to schedule my exam

Sign in to your web account to schedule your exam. After you’ve selected the exam you want to take, choose the ‘home or office’ option. Follow the remaining prompts to complete the scheduling process. Once you have successfully scheduled your exam appointment, you will be sent a confirmation email that will provide you with your appointment details and important things to know for your exam.

5. How do I know my computer will work with the online proctored software?

Check carefully the technical specification found in the guidance and ensure to complete the systems test. When you have sourced the right equipment, perform a system test and download the online proctoring software in advance, to ensure that your system will work with the software. Please check our list of minimum system requirements, and shut down all non-essential applications before launching the software. You must carry out the test on the same computer as you plan to use in the exam and in the same place because internet connectivity may vary.

6. Can I receive any exam assistance during the exam?

You may not receive any assistance from other individuals while taking the exam, and you may not allow other individuals to see the computer screen that presents the exam questions.

  • If another person enters the room while you are testing, your exam will be terminated.
  • The proctor cannot answer questions related to exam content.

7. Is there technical support to help with setting up for the exam?

Yes, if you experience difficulties, contact:

Contact Pearson VUE on T: +44 (0)0161 855 7328.

For Accounting Principles, contact ExamRoom.AI’s Customer Support team for assistance:


Live chat: on ExamRoom’s home page –

Call Centre hours

Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 20:00

Saturday: 09:00 – 15:00

Sunday: Closed

8. Is technical software assistance available during the exam?

Most technical issues can be avoided by completing a system test in advance. Common technical issues are lack of a stable internet connection and running illegal applications during the exam, both of which the system test can indicate. Either way, we are on hand to support the issue. The Proctor will arrange technical support if you experience a problem during the exam. If this can’t be resolved, e.g. due to a poor internet connection, you will have to reschedule your exam. In this case, contact CICM Awarding Body immediately at E: or call T:+44 (0)1780 727272. You will have just one further opportunity to sit the exam (within 7 days) when you will receive a different version of the exam. After this you will have to wait until the next exam period.

9. What is the technical specification for taking proctored exams?

ExamRoom.A.I. technical specification for Accounting Principles exam

Pearson OnVue technical specification for other subjects exams

You will require a reliable device with webcam to take the exam, and a strong internet connection which meets the specifications above. Avoid taking exam in setting with corporate firewall (including VPN), where possible, or alert Network Administrator of network configuration requirements. If possible use a personal computer rather than work computer.

10. How can I test my laptop will work on the day?

Please review the technical requirements prior to your exam, and also a link to perform a system check to ensure your computer is compatible. When you have sourced the correct equipment, you should run a system check to make sure that your equipment will work with the software:

Exam Room system test for taking Accounting Principles exam – System User guide

Pearson Vue system test for taking other subjects exams – Full guidance

You must carry out the test on the same computer as you plan to use in the exam and in the same place because internet connectivity may vary. CICM recommends that you test your equipment well ahead of exam day to avoid disappointment. You will not be admitted to the exam if you fail the system test on the day.

11. What am I agreeing to when I take an online proctored exam?

  • Candidate will be expected to read the terms and conditions and agree to proctored policies
  • By taking this online exam, you acknowledge that the proctor will continuously monitor you by video and audio while you take your exam, and you acknowledge and consent to audio and video recording of your face, voice, the physical room where you are seated, and the location during exam delivery. You recognize that you have no right to privacy at your current location during exam delivery and that you waive any and all claims asserting a right to privacy. If you do not wish to be recorded (either by video or audio), please notify the proctor immediately of your intent not to proceed with the exam.

12. What happens if I do not follow the policies and instructions for online exam proctoring?

If you do not follow the online proctored policies or are suspected of cheating or tampering with software, or if a third party is detected in the physical room where you are seated during the exam, the exam will be immediately terminated. This will be reported to our provider and CICM, along with audio and/or video evidence of the infraction. Your exam may be invalidated, and the testing sponsor/program may take other action, such as decertifying you and precluding all future participation in the testing program.

13. My proctor hasn’t started my exam yet. Where is my proctor?

After successfully uploading your photos, you should be on a page that says, “You are almost done with the check-in process”. Please be patient: most candidates will have their exam launched by a proctor within 15 minutes of the exam appointment. If there is any delay or problem, the proctor will attempt to reach you over chat or by phone. The incoming phone number may be unfamiliar to you but please answer so we can help you. If they haven’t contacted you in 30 minutes, the connection may have been lost. You’ll need to contact the appropriate customer service team.

Pearson Vue – +44 (0)0161 855 7328. – Live chat: on ExamRoom’s home page

14. Is my workspace okay for taking proctored online exams?

During the check-in process, you will be asked to scan or take photos of your work area, which will be checked by a proctor prior to exam launch. Please ensure that your desktop is clean and that you are not within arm’s reach of books, notepads, sticky notes, papers, pens, pencils, and other writing instruments/objects. Additional monitors and computers must be unplugged and turned off. Items on the wall with writing on them, such as whiteboards, will be inspected. If your workspace does not pass a room scan, you are not permitted to proceed with taking the exam.

For the Accounting Principles exam, you will be asked to lift your laptop/camera to give a 360 degree scan of the room. If you cannot physically lift your computer to do this, you will have to reschedule.

15. What type of identification will I be required to present?

You are required to present a current government-issued ID. The name on your ID must match the name in your web account profile and in your appointment confirmation email. Acceptable forms of identification include: driver’s license, military ID, identification card (national/state/province identity card), alien registration card (green card, permanent resident, visa), and government-issued local language ID (not in roman characters and accepted only if issued by the country in which you are testing). Minors who are under the age of 18 are permitted to present a valid student ID as a form of identification. A minor’s guardian must also present a valid ID and provide verbal consent during the check-in process. Please check that your first name and last name match exactly with the identification documents that you intend to present on the day of your test. If the details do not match, please contact, as soon as possible. You will not be admitted to the exam and will lose your fee if you fail to present the correct identification.

16. How do I check in for my exam on the day?

Accounting Principles exam Other exams

ExamRoom.AI has Onboarding Agents, separate from the Exam Proctors, this gives the

additional attention needed for identity verification.

During the onboarding process, the Onboarding Agent will:

• Approve the system check

• Take a photo scan of government issued IDs

• Take a photo of the candidate and records typing DNA.

• Require you to perform a room scan during which you must:

– Show the entire room, on/under desk

– Close all doors

– Remove any prohibited materials

– Have no other individuals

– Have no additional monitors or devices nearby

– Have no TV, radio or other device playing in the background

You must start checking in for your exam 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time. To start, click the “Sign in” button on this page to sign in to your web account.

·        The exam you are scheduled to take will appear once you log in to your account under ‘Open Online Exams’. Select the exam link and then select ‘Begin exam’.

Important: if the “Begin exam” button is not visible, you are either too early or too late for your exam. Please check your appointment details to make sure you’re trying to start at the proper time.

·        You will be asked to download OnVUE, the online proctoring software, if you haven’t before. Follow the prompts in the application to complete the required check-in steps

·        Have your acceptable identification available so that the proctor can verify your identity.

·        Shut down any non‐essential applications such as email, chat, Facebook, and Skype.

·        You will be placed in a queue and connected with the next available proctor to begin your exam.

·        The check-in process takes approximately 15 minutes for candidates who have previously completed a system test.

17. What happens if I am late for the exam?

Being late is not an option. To allow time for the check-in procedure, please be ready when the check-in window opens 30 minutes before the exam start time.

16. What are the exam rules on personal belongings?

  • During the exam, you may not access the following types of personal items: mobile phones, headphones or headsets (wired or bluetooth), handheld computers or other electronic devices, pagers, watches, wallets, purses, hats (or other head coverings), bags, coats, books, notes, or any other materials not specifically approved.
  • During the exam session, you are not allowed to use exam-specific materials or scratch paper, erasable whiteboards, or any other physical writing object. Instead there will be an online scratch board and calculator. If you prefer using a whiteboard or a physical calculator you should book your exam at a Pearson VUE testing centre. (see note below if you are taking Accounting Principles exam*)
  • Watches must be removed and placed out of sight/reach during the exam.

* Accounting Principles exam only:

You are not allowed notepaper during the exam. However, you can use a small, wipeable whiteboard for notes. If you chose this option, the Onboarding Agent will confirm that it is clean, and the Proctor will ask you to wipe it clean upon completion of the exam. You can use a simple, non-programmable calculator and you must allow the Exam Proctor to check it at the start of the exam.

18. Can I eat, drink or take a break during the exam?

Accounting Principles exam Other exams

As your exam is long, you are allowed one 5 minute break during the exam. At that time, you may leave your desk to use the restroom.

When you need to go for a break, you should ask the Proctor and the Proctor will confirm.

• The Proctor will watch the timer for the allotted time (5 minutes only) based on CICM rules.

• If you exceed the allotted time, the Proctor will issue a time-stamped flag, then issue a

verbal warning.

• If you do not return or return after a time decided with CICM, the exam will be cancelled,

and the Proctor will call you to see if you are ok (if you do not return to the exam),

Your one-hour exam does not include a scheduled break, breaks are not allowed during the exam for any reason. If you leave your computer during your exam the proctor will end your session and you will be unable to continue. If you believe this will be a problem, you should book your exam at a Pearson VUE testing centre where breaks can be accommodated, rather than using the exam proctoring service.

Water in a clear glass is allowed during testing; however, eating, smoking, and chewing gum are prohibited.

19. What are the reasons a Proctor would not allow a candidate to begin the exam?

  • Non-compliance to onscreen terms and agreement of rules.
  • Refusal to conduct room scan.
  • Refusal to remove prohibited materials or people from the exam testing area.

20. Concerns during the exam

If you have a concern during the exam, you can speak to the Proctor. If you experience hardware or software problems, or distractions that affect your ability to take or continue the exam, notify the Proctor immediately.