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Worldline celebrate first-time CICMQ accreditation

As a leader within the European payments and transactional services industry, Worldline was keen to reaffirm the quality and professional standards of its credit team. As such it decided to pursue CICMQ and has succeeded in attaining its first accreditation.

With nearly 45 years of experience, the company stands out in its sector for providing products, services and solutions along the full length and breadth of the payments value chain, with customers including financial institutions, retailers, the transport industry, governments, healthcare facilities, telecoms operators, utility companies and businesses within the hospitality sector.

Worldline employs thousands of people worldwide generating estimated annual revenues of 1.5 billion euros. The credit team comprises 19 staff, and is led by a Burnell Richards, Head of Credit Risk: “As a Graduate Fellow of the CICM, I was happy with our approach to accreditation as this was underpinned by my CICM learning and over 30 years’ experience in credit management.”

CICMQ Assessor, Sharon Adams FCICM (Grad) said in her report earlier this year, that Burnell had clear confidence in his team. The start of their journey included a CICMQ Workshop: ‘This approach always includes a CICMQ event designed to focus on the criteria for the CICMQ accreditation and also target weak areas, bring the department and stakeholders together to work collaboratively for the same goal as well as improving cash collection’.