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ICM launches 70 top tips for credit management

18 March 2009

Following on from the success of its Managing Cashflow guides and Prompt Payment Code, the Institute of Credit Management (ICM) has published a booklet with 70 tips for good credit management, from knowing your customer to enforcing a judgement.

Launched to commemorate the ICM’s 70th anniversary, it has been put together with some of the leading names in the credit industry including Graydon, Experian and Atradius and features pearls of wisdom like: ‘Avoid focusing just on profit and loss’ and ‘Make sure they are worth suing’.

The ICM is holding several events over the year to celebrate 70 years of empowering the credit profession, the first was the industry leading conference icm09 on 17 February, which included special recognition for past Chairmen at the awards dinner. The ICM will also be publishing a souvenir issue of Credit Management magazine in the summer.

Director General of the ICM, Philip King comments: “This booklet is a small memento designed to remember the 70 years of the Institute’s position at the forefront of credit management.

“Although some of these tips may seem obvious, it is imperative they are adhered to. There may be many businesses out there that are not doing the basics to keep cash flowing and staying afloat.”

The 70 Top Tips In Credit Management guide is available from the ICM Bookshop, telephone 01780 722901, email or online at