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ICM and Minister’s Cashflow Tip to Small Businesses

Press Release – 29 September 2014

The Institute of Credit Management (ICM) and Matthew Hancock MP, Minister of State for Business and Enterprise, have published their monthly ‘tip’ for small businesses to better manage their cashflow.

“If your customer isn’t responding to requests to pay, consider using a third party collector sooner rather than later. Doing nothing is the worst option and using experts makes a successful outcome more likely.”

The cashflow ‘tips’ are derived from the series of Managing Cashflow Guides published by the ICM for BIS, of which there have now been more than 500,000 downloads.

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The Institute of Credit Management (ICM) is Europe’s largest credit management organisation, and the second largest globally. The trusted leader in expertise for all credit matters, it represents the profession across trade, consumer and export credit, and all credit-related services. Formed over 70 years ago, it is the only such organisation accredited by Ofqual and it offers a comprehensive range of services and bespoke solutions for the credit professional as well as services and advice for the wider business community, including the acclaimed ICM/BIS Managing Cashflow Guides.

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