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ICM welcomes new move for financial education in schools

31 January 2011

Chief Executive of The Institute of Credit Management (ICM) has added his support to news of the new All-Party Parliamentary Group on Financial Education for Young People, set up by Justin Tomlinson MP, which is being launched today.

Philip King, a member of pfeg (personal finance education group) was recently appointed to the Shrieval Council of DebtCred, the financial literacy project for secondary schools. He has been a long-time champion of bringing financial learning into the classroom: “Learning about money from an early age is essential if young people are going to be effective managing their personal finances later on,” Philip says.

“It is up to the financial community – and Membership bodies including the ICM – to help educational establishments in taking a lead to teach young people about basic money management such as budgeting, bank accounts and credit. We believe we have much to contribute, and look forward to an opportunity of engaging with the Group and lending whatever support is required.”