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CICM Centre of Excellence

The ultimate accolade – CICM Centre of Excellence status is awarded to organisations that can demonstrate:

• Ongoing best practice and continuous improvement in credit management by having:

– gained and successfully renewed CICMQ accreditation.
– engaged with best practice networks, for example by representation at CICM best practice events.

• A culture of continuing professional development and progress towards qualified credit professionals by having:

– key members of staff in the credit department, including all managers, registered as CICM members (Registration grade appropriate to experience and qualifications of individuals).
– established CICM Learning Partner or CICM Corporate Member arrangements which has resulted in the successful delivery of credit management related training and qualification plans over a period of at least 2 years.
– a significant proportion of staff who are CICM qualified or studying towards CICM qualifications.
– evidence that credit staff maintain their continuing professional development (CPD) and submit records annually to CICM for certification.
– engaged with CICM education programmes, for example by representation at CICM Education Conference, hosting CICM learning events, masterclasses, training or qualification courses.

• A contribution to the credit community and further development of the credit profession through activities such as:

– sharing examples and outcomes of best practice with other credit professionals.
– Delivering presentations or producing articles about best practice or professional development.
– hosting or sponsoring best practice events.
– representation at events promoting best practice or careers in credit management.
– delivery of work experience or apprenticeships.

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