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CICM Learning Partnerships

A CICM Learning Partnership is for organisations that have established learning and development arrangements and strive to motivate, raise skills and encourage their credit team to get qualified.

A CICM Learning Partnership recognises your commitment to people development and supports your training and qualification plans with:

• Direct access to a CICM education specialist.
• 6 monthly meetings to review progress and focus on people development.
• Discounted CICM membership, training, qualification courses and other services.
• Access to the CICM Best Practice network.

Learning Partnerships are for two years with the opportunity to renew for organisations that have demonstrated good progress towards their training and qualification goals. The partnership supports CICMQ accreditation and the achievement of CICM Centre of Excellence status.

CICM Learning Partnership criteria:
You should be able to demonstrate that you meet the following criteria.

• Key members of staff in the credit department, including all managers are registered as CICM members. (Registration grade should be appropriate to experience and qualifications of individuals).
• Significant proportion of staff are CICM qualified (or equivalent) or studying towards CICM qualifications.
• Clear credit management related training and qualification plans are established with specific targets and timescales.
• A commitment to maintain training, qualification and membership records for the credit team which demonstrates continuing professional development (CPD).

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For organisations with a larger credit management team actively involved with CICM qualifications and training, we also offer our Corporate Membership programme with substantial benefits.

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