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Link training to qualifications – CICM Skills Awards

If you complete any of the following CICM one-day courses, you have the opportunity to carry out an assignment that leads to a CICM Skills Award.  It is estimated you will need to allow about 60 hours for the award.

Essential Telephone Collection Techniques

Advanced Telephone Collection Skills

Negotiating and Influencing

Credit Risk Analysis

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Who will Benefit from this Award?

You and your employer in a number of ways by providing an opportunity to:

  • Put into practice what you have learned and demonstrate this to your employer
  • Extend your own learning and raise your performance at work
  • Improve the effectiveness of your role
  • Gain a CICM accredited award and credit towards a  CICM Diploma

On successful completion, you will gain a  CICM Award which is worth 3, 6 or 7 credits.  1 credit is equivalent to 10 learning hours.  These credits can be put towards a CICM Level 2 or Level 3 Diploma in Credit Management (37 credits).

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