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Letters of Credit

In a globalised world, export provides a vastly expanded marketplace and better spread of risk. International payment systems such as the Letter of Credit allow safe trading provided the rules, processes and responsibilities are fully understood and applied. Export success therefore requires a sound understanding of the procedures involved, together with robust export credit control and mitigation of risk.

Avoid inaccurate information, by choosing this training for professionally delivered, up to date information that aligns with international best practice.


What will you gain?

· Knowledge of why and how to use a Letter of Credit

· Practical ways to prepare supporting documents

· Reduced discrepancies during the LC process

· More timely and secure payments, even from high-risk markets


Who is it for?

Suitable for everyone involved in export operations, including export credit control and finance, documentation, shipping, export administration, sales, and order processing. It is also helpful for more senior personnel such as export and finance managers.


What will it cover?

· Using a Letter of Credit to safeguard payments and enter new markets

· How they work, including procedure and parties involved

· Types of Letter of Credit

· The rules: UCP 600, eUCP, ISBP

· Preparing documents, avoiding discrepancies, good practice procedures

· Putting things right

· Handling disputes


This training session is aligned to the following CICM Professional Standards:

BS 2 Business and regulatory acumen

BS 3 Know your customer/client

BS 4 Financial and data interpretation

PS 2 Problem solving and decision making

PS 5 Team working and leadership

B2 Future focused; B4 Resilient; B5 Ethical.


Delivery: Adaptable online, on demand or in person courses in the UK and overseas