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On-the-Job Resources


ACAS – Employment Advice


Remote study during Covid-19
Having to learn from a distance? Don’t worry, CICM has you covered. We continue to provide you with the tools you need.


Helping a remote workforce to thrive
Hays Thrive – Online training toolkit for a remote workforce


Emotional and mental support from MIND.


Strategic Wellbeing – Managing Ourselves in Crisis.


CICM Career Hub


CICM Super Seven – Managing your work time during lockdown

CICM Super Seven – collecting cash during the recovery

CICM Super Seven – tips for returning to the workplace

CICM Super Seven – tips to making your emails work

CICM Super Seven – tips for mentoring in lockdown

CICM Super Seven – tips to maintain visibility at senior level

Read more about the CICM Super Seven series and what is coming your way.


Coronavirus Essentials eLearning
Free to members for a limited period!


Customs Authorisations Advice


Risk assessment during the recovery


Unlocking cash from your balance sheet 


KeyIVR – Essential Guide: Lockdown Friendly Payment Services


Accounts receivable collections best practices


Work Transition Toolkit from Hays



CICM Resource Centre

Member Advice Service (Temporarily open to non-members)

Mentor Hub

Knowledge Hub

Managing Cashflow Guides

CICM Benevolent Fund

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