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Managing Insolvency – Training Programme

With insolvencies on the rise, this training session is a much-needed addition to your credit toolkit. Highly experienced Insolvency Practitioners will take you through the processes, giving you the knowledge you need to handle cases effectively. You will be able to maximise potential returns, retain compliance and reduce the impact on your ledger.

What will you gain?

  • Practical process for handling insolvency actions when they appear
  • Greater protection of your ledger and asset base
  • Improved opportunity for maximising return and minimising loss
  • Assured compliance with regulation

Who is it for?

This training is suitable for anyone dealing with the actions within insolvencies, and those who handle customer accounts and need to know how to manage insolvencies when they arise.

What will it cover?

  • Know your insolvencies-different types of formal insolvency and their impact
  • Compliance-regulatory processes, rules and documentation
  • Timelines-chronological order of events and when to act
  • Protecting your assets-how to maximise returns and reduce losses
  • Insolvency personnel-how to work with industry practitioners
  • Tips from the experts-your opportunity to ask a registered IP your questions.

This training session is aligned to the following CICM Professional Standards:

  • BS 2 Business and regulatory acumen
  • BS 4 Financial and data interpretation
  • PS 1 Communication and relationship-building
  • PS 2 Problem-solving and decision-making
  • B1 Inquiring
  • B5 Ethical