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Membership – FAQ

How do I become a member?
What levels of membership do you offer?
How do I join the CICM?
Why should I join the CICM?
How much are membership fees?
Do I need to have qualifications or be studying to become a member?
What is Corporate Membership?
Do you have a special rate for retired members?
Can I pay by Direct Debit?
Can I join online?
How do I renew my membership?
I am based outside the UK can I still be a member?
What benefits are there of being a member?
How do I contact the membership team?
What is the criteria for membership?
Can I pay my fees by instalment?
How do I upgrade my membership?
How long does membership last?
Do you have a professional Code of Conduct?
Can I request a new CICM membership certificate?
Can I apply directly for a professional level of membership (Associate, Member or Fellow)?
Do you need qualifications or be studying to become a member?
What are the terms and conditions of CICM Membership?

Applying for professional membership

Which level of membership should I apply for/what are the criteria for membership?
How will I be assessed for CICM Professional membership?
How much will paying for an upgrade cost?
How and when do I pay my assessment fee?
What evidence will I be asked for in my membership application?
What counts as ‘current’ experience in my application?
Who can be my sponsor/s?
Who assesses my CICM membership application?
How long does the CICM membership application process last?
What are the possible results of my application?
Can I resubmit/submit more evidence?
What happens to my application after it is complete?