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Meritorious Service Award for two Sheffield & District Branch Committee Members


One of my first tasks as the newly elected Chair, was to nominate Myron Fedak and Graham Browes for a Meritorious Service Award, and I was delighted to find out that both had been successful.

I first became involved in the Sheffield & District Branch in the mid 1990’s. My memory does not serve me too well, but I believe that Myron and Graham have both been actively involved with the branch and on the committee continually from around the same time – and that is over 20 years! I passed the treasurers role to Graham in 2004, and he is still looking after branch funds some 14 years later. Again, I am wondering whether Myron holds the record for the longest serving branch secretary.

Myron and Graham have been the back bone of the branch committee for probably more years than they would care to have pointed out to them. They are both as enthusiastic and committed today as the day that they first signed up. Having served on the committee with both Myron and Graham for a number of years myself, I can confirm that they have been fundamental to the continuance and success of the branch and have been at the helm of some innovative and many well received branch events. Over the years, they have had us sailing up the Sheffield Canal on the Princess Mary, doing Insolvency Circuit Training at Don Valley Stadium, debating in the Council Chamber of Sheffield Town Hall, touring a steel manufacturer and a sawmill and doing a bike build time trial to celebrate the Tour de France first coming to Yorkshire.

Both Myron and Graham can be relied upon to deliver any work that they have undertaken, and they will always step in to help other committee members should the need arise. They have contributed to the attendance at branch events, have encouraged new members and students and are always glad to pass on their knowledge and their wealth of experience.

Many thanks to Philip King for making the journey north to make the presentations and congratulations to Myron and Graham.


Author: Paula Uttley, Chair

Myron Fedak MCICM, Secretary Graham Browes FCICM, Branch Treasurer