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New one-stop-shop for International trade

A new website is now live, covering all aspects of the risks involved in international trade, and helping UK businesses find their way around trading globally in a post-Brexit world. It is the brainchild of Lesley Bachelor who will be well-known to CICM member as a frequent contributor to our Magazine, and who is now COO of OpenBorders.Direct

“SMEs are constantly juggling the pressures of day-to-day business issues, which leaves little time for them to consider the bigger picture as far as international trade is concerned,” says Lesley. “By bringing all the information they need together on one site, OBD® helps take the risk out of international trade and offer mitigating solutions.”

Due Diligence now more important than ever

CICM CEO, Sue Chapple has been closely involved in the project, sitting on the advisory board of OpenBorders.Direct and ensuring that the content meets members’ needs.

“Because this is very much a new state-of-play, we are encouraging members to be particularly aware of due diligence, and to familiarise themselves with the whole process,” comments Sue. “This is one of the main areas I think members will find OBD® useful. Know your customer, know your customer’s customer, know your supplier, know your supplier’s supplier.”

3 months’ free access for CICM members

Members can try OpenBorders.Direct out for themselves with a free 3-month trial. Amongst the services you will enjoy are:

• virtual FX bank accounts in 29 currencies
• a Global Due Diligence service with sanction checks and adverse media information on companies worldwide
• an Incoterm®2020 tool helping you identify the best terms for you and your customer
• Single invoice insurance for many EU countries
• An Ask the Expert helpline.

So whether you want to know what tariff code to use for shipping lingerie to South Africa, what payment terms work best in Argentina, or what documents are needed for shipping electronics to Dublin, you’re bound to find the answer on OpenBorders.Direct.

Click this link to sign up for your free trial today.