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Objection Handling

Because of the nature of our industry, credit customers can find themselves in difficult financial situations. This stressful environment can bring out uncharacteristic behaviours in customers, including the raising of objections to payment. This useful training session will help you handle those more challenging customers, and, in turn, gain a much-improved end result.


What will you gain?

· Useable model for handling objections

· Key skills for dealing with difficult conversations

· Confidence to challenge objections and request more information

· Improved cash flow results.


Who is it for?

All front-line team members who have customer interactions on a daily basis and want to build the confidence and belief to challenge and turn around customer issues.


What will it cover?

· Types of objections in a collections/credit control environment

· Skills needed to handle objections confidently

· The objection handling model

· Appreciating the customer point of view

· Practice objection handling using a simple quick win technique.



This training session is aligned to the following CICM Professional Standards:

BS 2 Business and regulatory acumen

PS 1 Communication and relationship-building

PS 2 Problem solving and decision-making

PS 3 Support and influencing

PS 5 Team-working and leadership

B3 Resolute; B4 Resilient; B5 Ethical.