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Recognition of prior learning

The CICM accredits prior learning, and learners may apply for an exemption for one or more units if they have passed a relevant subject in an equivalent qualification.  This must be at the same or a higher level.

The initial assessment fee is £40 and the exemption fee itself is £121.

A request for exemption should be made in writing on registration with the CICM, and be supported by copies of certificates and official confirmation of the subjects or units passed.  It may also be necessary to provide syllabus details so that the Institute can determine the degree of match between the qualifications being considered and its own units.

Examination exemptions will not be awarded for units where a candidate has previously sat and failed that unit in an CICM examination.  Also, only the CICM can advise on eligibility for exemptions.  Exemptions are not valid until the relevant fee has been paid.

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