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Sweet scent of CICMQ success for Yankee Candle Company

Yankee Candle Company now has an industry-leading and publicly recognised credit department after receiving CICMQ accreditation for the first time. Accreditation was always the aim for Accounts Receivable Manager Denise Ashley MCICM, who recently joined the business. Since then, she has updated the company’s credit policies and procedures using knowledge gained from studying with the CICM.

“It starts right from the beginning when accounts are opened up, and the team’s policies have adapted so that appropriate procedures are implemented to minimise credit risk and maximise cashflow,” she explains. This approach is borne from one of Denise’s core principles: “You have to really know your customers – that way we are able to bring out the best in everyone and ensure the company’s success. “My team is 14 strong and we own the account from ‘cradle to the grave’,” she adds. “We work collaboratively with the wider business and have a ‘can do’ culture that creates a great workplace.”

Yankee Candle Company has recently become a division of Newell Brands and, as with any change, new challenges arise. “This is a really exciting opportunity for the team, and we are looking forward to seeing how it can further improve our processes.” The Assessor’s report notes the team’s plans to complete further professional study (it currently has four studying for CICM qualifications) and says it is well placed to deal with upcoming changes: ‘This is truly an EMEA credit team with native language speakers for the different sales areas,’ it says. ‘The team is competent, knowledgeable and committed and there is an air of enthusiasm and confidence.’