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Taking the Risk out of Export Sales


What will you gain?

The course will help exporting companies understand
how to establish an effective policy when dealing
with overseas buyers assess the alternative methods
of payment as a means of:

  • securing overseas debts
  • negotiating favourable credit terms to promote
    the growth of sales

It will also highlight the key mechanisms for managing currency exposures and reduce the risk of exchange losses

Who is it for?

The training is designed for Export Sales and Finance Teams who are concerned with: Developing new or difficult overseas markets, the risks, costs and cash flow pressures associated with international payment terms and managing the risks associated with exchange rate movements when pricing contracts in foreign currencies.

What will it cover?

  • Export Finance
    Key issues facing exporting companies
    Establishing an export credit policy: risk
    assessment; checking out the buyer and the
    Delivery terms (incoterms 2000)
    Trade transaction and financing strategies: advance
    payment; open account; documentary letters of
    credit; documentary collections and bills of
    exchange; credit insurance
    Bank demand guarantees
  • Foreign Exchange Risk Management
    Understanding foreign exchange risk: how
    exchange risks arise; types of exchange risk
    Managing the risks – hedging techniques
    How do banks ‘price’ FX rates? Obtaining the best
    exchange rate and service from your bank or FX

Training Options


Duration: One day

Delivery: At your offices

Timing: At your convenience

Tailored: Programme delivery can be tailored to meet your particular requirements

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