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Understanding Business Strategy and Risk

What will you gain?
Learners will gain a general understanding about:

  • Main elements of successful strategies
  • Best practice approaches
  • Fundamentals of strategic planning
  • Linkages between bad strategies and risk
  • Why businesses fail
  • How to assess the health of a business

Warren Buffett, the legendary American investor is, famed for saying that if he and his team do not understand the source of competitive advantage of a business; they do not even bother looking at the numbers. They have to understand what makes that business successful. Indeed any credit risk analyst would do well to follow this advice when assessing businesses.

What will it cover?

  • Strategy. Definitions and origins
  • Good strategy and bad strategy
  • Numerous examples of successful strategies
  • Elements of strategic planning
  • Environmental and sector analysis
  • Competitive advantage
  • The strategic perils of growth
  • The mirage of acquisitions
  • Business failures and spotting the early signs.

Training Options


Duration: One day

Delivery: At your offices

Timing: At your convenience

Tailored: Programme delivery can be tailored to meet your particular requirements


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