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Xoserve reignites CICMQ accreditation

“CICMQ gives confidence to our customers and assures them that the business has the expertise and has continued to develop our processes and people to be recognised as a reputable company dealing with credit risk,” according to Mark Cockayne, Business Process Manager at Xoserve following the company’s re-accreditation.

Chris Sanders, CICMQ Head of Accreditation, CICM, says training has played a big part in Xoserve achieving its goal: “Following changes in the business last year, training and development of staff in the new processes and professional qualifications remains crucial to the business. The teams understand their customers, roles and build good relationships, and there is a strong sense of ownership and pride in achievement.”

Xoserve was founded in 2005 and is an integral part of the restructured gas distribution market in Britain. By delivering transportation transactional services on behalf of all four major Gas Network transportation companies, Xoserve provides one consistent service  point for the gas shipper companies.

Xoserve reported a turnover og £45, 759,000 in last year’s accounts.