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How to file a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint, please email CICM Governance who will provide you with details on the CICM complaint process.

Complaints Procedure

Complaints & Disciplinary Procedure

The Institute’s By-Laws and Code of Professional Conduct set out the standards expected of members of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management.

If a member of the Institute is deemed, in the opinion of an independent Panel appointed by the Institute, to have contravened the Code of Professional Conduct they can, in accordance with this procedure, be expelled or suspended from membership, or be reprimanded.

If you have a complaint about a CICM member

If you have a complaint about a CICM member please send details by email to [email protected].

Please include the following information:
  • Your name and contact details
  • Name of person you are making the complaint about (and contact details if known)
  • Name of organisation/employer of the member
  • Full description of your complaint
  • Including details of your own personal connection with/experience of the alleged contravention of the Code of Professional Conduct.
What will happen next?

There are some instances where the Institute will be unable to formally investigate a complaint, or may only be able to investigate the complaint in part. This may include, and is not limited to, instances where the subject of the complaint is partaking in or is subject to an active legal case, where sufficient information/evidence is not provided by the complainant, (this pertaining to their own personal connection with/experience of a contravention of the Code), or where it is determined that the subject of the complaint is directly or indirectly associated with media coverage which may have influenced the submission of the complaint.

The CICM will review the complaint and its supporting information to determine whether it is formally within the Institute’s remit and the Governance team will notify the complainant of the review outcome within 10 working days of receipt. At this point the next steps will be communicated (e.g. contacting the member, putting the complaint to an independent Panel).

Complainants are reminded that as a voluntary membership organisation and charity, the CICM has no statutory authority over the discipline and regulation of many professionals who may also be members of the CICM. Those professionals are many and varied including Insolvency Practitioners, barristers, solicitors, FILEX, Certificated Bailiffs, HCEO's, accountants both chartered and certified, and FCA regulated consumer credit businesses and professionals (this is not an exhaustive list). All of them are strictly regulated by their own professional bodies with disciplinary codes covering any professional misconduct. Any complaints should be made to them in the first instance for full investigation as they can impose penalties including striking off, suspension and fines which are more onerous than those we can impose as a voluntary body.